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Prof. Amr Ramadan Ali Iman. Seminar on: “Deformation of an elastic magnetizable square rod due to a uniform electric current inside the rod and transverse magnetic field”.

Prof. Thomas Michelitsch. Seminar on: “A matrix function approach to generate nonlocal constitutive laws lattice models and their continuum limits”.

Prof. Marcelo Epstein. Seminar on: “Perspectives of differential geometry in continuum mechanics”.

Prof. Arash Yavari. Seminar on: “Nonlinear elastic inclusions in isotropic solids”.

Dr. Luciano Teresi. Seminar on: “Connections on shape spaces”.

Dr. Paolo Piras. Seminar on: “4D-investigation of the left ventricular cycle in 11 healthy subjects via procrustes motion analysis “.


Prof. Arkadi Berezovski. Seminar on: “Seminar on: “Influence of microstructure on thermoelastic wave propagation”.

Prof. Arkadi Berezovski. Seminar on: “Seminar on: “Generalized thermomechanics with dual internal variables”.

Prof. Patrizio Neff. Seminar on: “A new support for using Hencky’s strain measure in finite elasticity.

Prof. Sara Casciati: “Recent studies for vibrations control of civil engineering structures.

Dr. Giulio Giuseppe Giusteri. Seminar on: “Concentrated interactions in second-gradient dissipative liquids.


Prof. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev. Seminar on: “The infinity computer and numerical computations with infinite and infinitesimal numbers.


Prof. Alexander P. Seyranian. Seminar on: “Paradox of Nicolai and related effects.

Prof. Josè Manoel Balthazar. Seminar on: “On mathematical modeling to emergent engineering devices.


Prof. Félix Darve. Seminar on: “Rate Independent Costitutive Relations, Failure: definition, Second Order Work Criterion, Bifurcation: Definition, Phenomenological Analyses.

Prof. Félix Darve. Seminar on: “Applications in geomechanics: continuous numerical modelling of landslides, the case of Petacciato landslide


Prof. Massimo Cuomo. Seminar on: “Elementi di meccanica del danno.

Prof. Lucio Russo. Seminar on: “Il processo scientifico è inarrestabile?