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The Council collaborates with the Center Director in ensuring the functioning of the Centre, in particular:

1)   decide on the membership of University departments following the establishment of the Centre, as per paragraph 1 of article 4, as well as on the membership of individual teachers and researchers wishing to join according to paragraphs 1, 3 and 5 of article 4;

2)   propose contract stipulations or agreements with Italian or foreign public or private bodies, to the competent academic bodies, according to paragraphs 3 and 4 of article 4;

3)   deliberate on expenditure which is higher than that of maximum remit of the Director;

4)   annually submit requests for funding and allocation of technical and administrative staff;

5)   approve the annual budget and final accounts of the Centre, within the deadlines established for similar requirements in the departments of the University;

6)   submit by June 30 of each year on the approval by the Scientific Committee, a comprehensive plan of initiatives consistent with the institutional aims of the Centre, to be implemented in the next calendar year;

7)   deliberate on all matters concerning the functioning of the Centre which the Director shall submit for evaluation.

The Council of the Center consists of:

a)   The Director of the Center , as chairman;

b)   All the Professors and Researchers of the Center;

c)   A Representative elected by the Technical-Administrative staff working at the Center;

d)   The Chief Executive Officer ( although interim) of the Center, which serves as the minutes

The Elective Members remain in office for four academic years with no limits to the number of consecutive terms of office carried out by the members referred to in points b), c) and d).