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Executive Committee

From 2012 to 2016 the Director of the center was Prof. Angelo Luongo. Following the election of the bodies of the Centre for the period 2016/2017-2019/2020, the designated Director is Prof. Francesco dell’Isola.
The day November 21st 2016 the Director proposes the establishment of an Executive Committee, as from art. 5) of the Statute of the M&MoCS Centre.

The Council delegates to the Executive Committee as follows. The Executive Committee:

i) will deliberate about every subject concerning the relationships of the MEMOCS center with the local Italian administrations, foundations and private entities which are supporting the MEMOCS center. Moreover the executive committee ;

ii) will have deliberative powers for what concerns the relationships with the other academic bodies of the Università dell’Aquila and other Italian research Institutions and will decree the decisions voted by the deliberative committees;

iii) will propose to the competent Academic Bodies of Università dell’Aquila the conclusion of contracts or agreements with Private or Public Italian Corporations according to paragraphs 3 and 4 of Art.4 of the Statute;

iv) will submit annually requests for funding and allocation of Technical and Administrative Staff;

v) will approve annually the Budget and the Balance of the Center, according to the expiry dates established for similar requirements of the University Departments and according to the deliberations of deliberative committees.

Considering also the natural requirement of a greater involvement of the councilors in the activities of the center, the executive council will act with the additional support of three complementary deliberative committees, which are created by the council.

1. The first deliberative committee “Control and Representation” : i) will deliberate about any proposal received by any councilor, will transmit the approved deliberation to the executive committee for final approval, based on the statute; ii) will deliberate about the membership of scientists and researchers to the center, after the establishment of the corresponding dossier by the co-ordinator; iii) will deliberate about the expenses exceeding the maximum amount allowed to the director;

2. The second deliberative committee “International collaborations”: i) will deliberate about the organisation of conference, research weeks and summer school ; ii) will be competent for the relationships with non-Italian Universities and research institutions ; iii) will deliberate about the relationships with the French CNRS for every subject concerning the management of the International Laboratory LIA Coss&Vita.;

3. The third deliberative committee “Industrial Collaborations and Financial Support”: i) will propose to the competent Academic Bodies the conclusion of contracts or agreements with Private or Public Foreign (non-Italian) Corporations according to paragraphs 3 and 4 of Art.4 of the Statute (see below); ii) will be competent for the relationships with European and non-European financing institutions; iii) will deliberate about the establishment of committees for prizes and competitive grant holders selection; iv) will submit by June 30 of each year a comprehensive plan of initiatives for approval by the Scientific Committee, consistent with the institutional aims of the Center, to be implemented in the next calendar year; iv) will deliberate about the establishment of scientific or research and development relationships with any private or public corporation or institutions; in particular will care for the establishment of links with legal entities involved in biomechanics, bioengineering and engineering sciences applied to Medicine.

The minutes of the deliberative committees will be drawn by a co-ordinator in the English language (subsequently translated into Italian language for the local administration); the third deliberative committee has two co-ordinators because it is needed that a copy of the minute is written in the Italian Language. The members of scientific council can participate to the activities of all deliberative committees and will receive the minutes of all their meetings as members not concurring to the formation of quorum for valid deliberation.

Members of Executive

Bruno Rubino (Deputy-Director)

Raffaele Esposito

Francesco D’Annibale (responsible for the minutes)

First Deliberative Committee

Co-ordinator: Luca Placidi

Further Quorum Members: Antonio Cazzani, Gilles Francfort, Anil Misra, Mario Pulvirenti, Tudor Ratiu, Reuven Segev, David Steigmann

Second Deliberative Committee

Co-ordinator: Giuseppe Rosi

Further Quorum Members: Simon Rafael Eugster, Samuel Forest, Olivier Millet, François Nicot, Giuseppe Piccardo.

Third Deliberative Committee

Co-ordinators : Daniel George, Emilio Turco

Further Quorum Members: Marco Balsi, Fabrizio Frezza, Tomasz Lekszycki, Yves Remond.

It is worth to be noted that the members of the executive council from 2012 to 2016 were: Angelo Luongo (Director), Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Francesco dell’Isola, Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Raffaele Esposito (External Expert), Bruno Rubino, Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Gabriella D’Alessandro, (Administrative Secretary).