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Analytical Continuum Mechanics and Applications (Prof. Francesco dell’Isola)


12 March, 2013. Lecture 1: Title: “Mathematical Models for Physical Phenomena. Space of Configurations and the problem of determining the Equation of Motion.

15 March, 2013. Lecture 2: Title: “Action Functional and Lagrange Equations for systems described by a finite dimensional Space of Configuration.

19 March, 2013. Lecture 3: Title: “Lagrangian action for the system constituted by two interacting particles and for Euler-Timoshenko beam. Formulation -in considered cases- of the Principle of Virtual Works.”

2 April, 2013. Lecture 4: Title: “Piola’s unitary description of the kinematics of rigid and deformable mechanical systems, both in the case of infinite and finite dimensional space of configuration. Deduction of the law of composition of velocities in a change of observer. Deformation measures.

5 April, 2013. Lecture 5 : Title: “An invitation to Levi-Civita Ricci Tensor Algebra and Calculus. Covariant and Contravariant tensorial components. Some examples of their use in formulating Mechanical Theories.

9 April 2013. Lecture 6: Title: “A Gramscian digression In Search of the Educational Principle. More about Tensors. Lagrangian Equations from a Least Action Principle for first gradient field Theories.

12 April, 2013. Lecture 7: Title: “Independence of energy from the observer and general action for first gradient models, with considerations about their limits of applicability.”

16 April 2013. Lecture 8: Title: “Derivation of Eulerian description form general Lagrangian formulation.”

19 April 2013. Lecture 9 : Title: “Cauchy Tetrahedron argument,  Part I.

23 April 2013. Lecture 10: Title: “Cauchy Tetrahedron argument, Part II.

3 May 2013. Lecture 11

7 May 2013. Lecture 12

7 June 2013. Lecture 13: Title: “Invariants.

14 June 2013. Lecture 14

18 June 2013. Lecture 15

28 June 2013. Lecture 16

2 July 2013. Lecture 17