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Activities and Services

The ” Functional Multiscale Meta-materials and Smart Systems Lab” (LAMSI) is a project entirely funded by MIUR FIRB 2010 for the development of nanotechnology for energy.

The activities carried out in the Laboratory range from numerical modeling to experimentation on micro-and nano-structural functional materials with many applications, from biomaterials to energy harvesting. Through agreements and partnerships with the ENEA, CNR and the top three universities in Rome, the laboratory has equipment for electron microscopy, ionic and atomic force (including advanced modes for spectroscopy and nanoindentation) for the characterization of micro-and nano-structural innovative materials. The LAMSI is at the service of the local community and industry, promoting technological initiatives and consulting on R&D and training.

The objective of the LAMSI is twofold. From a scientific point of view the LAMSI aims at conductingworld-class fundamental research through cooperation in the EU and worldwide. From the point of view of the industrial-technological services, the LAMSI support the professionals of the future and select innovative ideas, promoting the creation and development of enterprises. In the spirit of open networks, the LAMSI itself serves as aR&D partner for SMEs and hostsseveral associations and enterprises amongst its supporting members (see affiliates page).

Director and Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Antonio Rinaldi