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2016 – present Prof. Francesco dell’Isola

2012 – 2016 Prof. Angelo Luongo

The Director represents the Centre in dealing with academic authorities and with the matters outside the laboratory. In addition the Director:

a) convenes and chairs the Scientific Committee and the Council;

b) implements the decisions of the governing bodies of the Centre;

c) is subject to the laws and regulations governing the department directors of the University;

d) makes autonomous provision for expenditure to the maximum amount foreseen for department directors in accordance with University administrative-accounting regulations;

e) is available as necessary to the normal ongoing activities of the Centre;

f) supervises the activities of technical-administrative staff working at the Centre;

g) appoints a vice-director from among the teachers and researchers at the University in case of absence or inability to fulfill the role .

The Director is appointed by the Rector and by the Council , and is chosen among the Full Professors of the Center . The Director shall remain in charge for four years and cannot hold the office for more than two consecutive terms.