Italian Version

International Prize “Tullio Levi-Civita” for the Mathematical and Mechanical Sciences.


M&MoCS Centre
The International Research Centre for the Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems of University of L’Aquila

Foundation MEMOCS
The Foundation established by University of L’Aquila for supporting the M&MoCS CENTRE.

Art. 1 Prize establishment    

The International Prize “Tullio Levi-Civita” will recognize the high quality and the undisputed originality of the Scientific Research of eminent, Italian or foreign scientists.
Indispensable prerequisite for the appointment of the prize will be the determination of the International value of the research done by the winner. The Selection Committee will explain the choice with a written report which will be issued on the M&MoCS website.

Art. 2 Selection committee  

The Prize will be awarded by a Selection Committee composed by scientists appointed by the President of the Foundation MEMOCS and the Executive Council of M&MoCS Centre. The Director of the M&MoCS Centre will be part of the commission and will write the Minutes.The Committee will be chaired by a senior member in the role of first rank professor or equivalent. The prize will be awarded only by unanimous vote of the Selection Committee.

        Art.3 Recognition to the winners

The prize will be awarded to not more than two scientists per year. The Selection Committee will chose the scientific meeting where the prize will be presented.

Art.4 Award criteria            

The Selection Committee will determine the winner’s profound and extensive expertise in Theoretical or Applied Mechanics or in Mathematics. The International prize “Tullio Levi-Civita” will be awarded to scientists who have distinguished themselves for their innovative high-value results which will have to be considered as important by the International Scientific Community and have appeared both in scientific journals and in volumes with international distribution. The winner should have contributed to the formation of at least one young researcher.

Art.5 Ceremony                

The prizes will be awarded with a public ceremony during the selected scientific meeting. The Director of MEMOCS and/or a member of the selection committee will present the prize to the winners.