Workshop on

“Second Gradient and Generalized Continua”

12-16 March 2012 at Palazzo Caetani in Cisterna di Latina, Italy

Organized by F. dell’Isola, S. Forest

Video of the Seminars

Monday, March 12th

Opening – Session: General concepts for second gradient media I

Francesco dell’Isola: “Contact interactions in N-th gradient continua. Examples of microstructures with lenght scales leading with these exotic interaction and applications to a problem of growing tissues

Pierre Seppecher: “Linear elastic trusses leading to continua with exotic mechanical interactions

Tuesday, March 13th

Session: General concepts for second gradient media II

Nicolas Auffrey: “Anisotropy of higher-orders gradient elasticity

Martin Ostojia-Starzewski: “From Fractal Media to Continuum Mechanics

Session: Generalised continua and homogenization I

Claude Boutin: “Design of space/time non-local elastic composite through homogenization

Antonio Carcaterra: “Higher-Order & Fractional-Order Constitutive Relationships

Samuel Forest: “Generalized continuum modelling of heterogeneous materials

Wednesday, March 14th

Session: Generalised continua and homogenization II

Jia Li: “On the consistency of the strain gradient constitutive laws obtained from homogenization

Karam Sab: “Stress gradient theories for the homogeneization of materials and structures

Anil Misra: “Micromechanics based second gradient continuum theory for cementitious granular materials

Session: Generalised continua and homogenization III

Harm Askes: “Gradient Elasticity in Dynamics

Holger Steeb: “Wave propagation in residual saturated porous media: About the interaction of scales

Angela Madeo: “The Effect of Fluid Flow and of Micro-heterogeneities in Porous Media on Acustic Compression Wave Propagation, Transmission and Reflection

Thursday, March 15th

Session: Dynamics

Stefan Diebels: “Micromechanical and Macromechanical Modeling of Foams: Identification of Cosserat Parameters

Ralf Janicke: “Wave propagation phenomena in micro-heterogeneous materials by a micromorphic continuum approach

Luca Placidi: “Static and dynamic solutions in second gradient 3D continua

Antonio Rinaldi: “A Rational Damage Model for 2D Brittle Network Systems

Session: Beams and plates

Holm Altenbach: “Direct Approach in the Plate Theory–Improvements when the Surface Stresses Occur

Noel Challamel: “Variational formulation of gradient or/and nonlocal higher-order shear

Victor Eremeyev:”On the Theories of Plate and Shell with Microstructure

Friday, March 16th

Session: Strain localization phenomena

Denis Caillerie:”Second grade modeling as a regularization of the strain localization and related topics

Samuel Forest:”Strain gradient plasticity. Application to Luders band propagation

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